March 24, 2008

The most important event ever happened in the world.

Posted in Love, Ressurection at 11:42 pm by 1thing2think

It’s been a while since my last update, as we just passed easter yesterday. I’d rather call it passover rather than easter(which is next month according to the Jewish Calendar). Jesus died on the cross on passover and He was risen on the third day. And He is still alive until today.

It was His obedience that allow any person to start a new life again. Being born again of the spirit. Nicodemus asked how this could happened (“how can one be born again? Certainly not by going back to the mother’s womb!”). Jesus responded by pointing to born in the Spirit (John 3)

Being born again means able to live in a righteous manner. No more condemnation. There may be things that one have to go through due to past mistakes, but the future is not hold by the past anymore.

Born not by flesh, but by the power of holy spirit in flesh. That’s Jesus. Sickness and diseases are still around in the world. But by His stripes, we are healed. The sin that was placed on a pure and without-a-sin man, Jesus, allowed redemption of those with sin.

To be born again, one simply need to ask God for His forgiveness. and Jesus has shown the way. In fact, He is the only way. It would only take a prayer and confessions. If you have that, then His grace will be over you.

That’s what have happened. and it is still the most important event ever happened in this world. Ever.


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