February 14, 2008

Greatest Love

Posted in Love at 2:50 pm by 1thing2think

Today, it’s a Valentine day. The day when love is celebrated all over the world. It’s one day when one could express his/her love to another, while another might hope to receive those.

But then, what is the greatest love one could ever receive? I hope that it’s more than a mere expressions (whether the flowers, messages and chocolate) or the commercialization that it has become.

Jesus said that there is no greater love other than one give his live so the other could live (john 15:13). In the meantime, there is a hypothetical question that I have for you, the readers. If you were the only one in the world that sinned (out of the 6 billion that alive), do you think that He would still come and die for you?

No doubt, He would. The parables that Jesus has told (such as the lost sheep, the missing coin) describe that he would come and look for the lost.  God’s love is the greatest love that one could receive.


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